Our Services

Colizzi Memorials is a full service monument company that utilizes state of the art technologies in producing exquisite granite memorials for you and your loved ones.  You can take pride in knowing that everything from simple procedures such as cleaning or engraving a date on an existing monument to designing and fabricating a large mausoleum will be completed with the same passion for excellence and attention to detail.

You can choose a beautifully designed monument using GRANITE, BRONZE or MARBLE.  A full service, state of the art facility offers every service that may be needed, from monument cleaning and restoration to monument resetting.  A large selection of flat markers, upright and statuary monuments are also available.

Warm and caring individuals will greet you when you first make contact with Colizzi Memorials.  You will be made to feel welcome and secure by our experienced team of professionals.  When you and your memorial specialist sit and talk about your needs and desires, you will be listened to and your words will be heard.  Only you know what you most desire in a memorial and the team at Colizzi Memorials will encourage you to take the time necessary to really explain what is most important to you and your family.

Colizzi Design Services

A new state of the art facility in Methuen will provide you with the opportunity to see the memorial before you buy it.  Years of experience has provided the understanding of how important it is for you to actually view the memorial before committing to the final design.  You will now be able to sit in complete comfort while viewing the memorial on a large screen TV that will allow you the opportunity to explore different design options and see them right before your eyes.  This innovative memorial design approach allows you to create a lasting memorial that is unique to your loved one.

Restoration and Cleaning

Colizzi Memorials also specializes in complete monument restoration.  Monuments that are many years old and have braved the elements in the harsh New England climate can be made to look new again for a minimum investment.    Today’s technologies allow for a variety of restoration methods based upon the type of materials used and your memorial specialist will recommend the one that is best for your particular situation.


The Right Staffing and Equipment

Colizzi Memorials has invested in employing setting professionals who work solely for the company.  This dedicated team will ensure that each and every memorial is set properly on a solid foundation and that your individual timeline will be met.  The company owns a crane truck which allows for special request dates for installations and state-of-the-art setting equipment that provides more flexibility when dealing with special projects such as civic memorials and larger memorials. 

A Wide Selection

Finally, Colizzi Memorials offers a wide selection of Granite Vases, Cemetery Remembrance Lights, Bronze Inserts, and Granite and Marble Statuary.  Landscape products such as Mail Box Posts, Granite Steps, Bird Baths, Fountains, and Granite Benches are also available. See our gallery for more.